Cedar Tree

Big Cedar Tree

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This is one of the largest native white cedars on the Michigan mainland, according to the Big Tree Committee of the Northern Michigan Botanical Society. It has a girth of 153 ½ inches and a diameter of 47.8 inches. It has a total height to top of foliage of 43 feet.

Sometime in the rather distant past, the ravages of time and weather have removed a large portion of the original crown at a point approximately 29 feet above the ground where the diameter at the point of break measures 26 inches.

Efforts to determine the age of this huge tree have met with only limited success; however it can be assumed to exceed 350 years and was therefore only a seedling or a small sapling when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. The rather isolated location of this specimen on a small semi-island area within a few feet of the Au Sable River, has afforded protection from the numerous forest fires that over-ran adjacent lands during the early 1900’s. It is also highly probable that its defective condition caused the early loggers to pass it by in favor of sounder trees.

The tree is located on U.S. Forest Service lands. Travel 2.5 mile east of the traffic light in Mio on Country Road 602 to Forest Road 4354. Travel north on FR 4354 approximately 1.5 miles to the intersection, proceed left to parking for the Big Cedar Tree or proceed right for parking for fishing access to the river.

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