Coopers Ville

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1860 Fire Tower Road
Lewiston, MI 49756

“Where in the heck is Coopers Ville,”…people are asking. Well, I can tell you…it’s not on a road map or granted a zip code from the US Postal Service…but…it does exist, and it does have a Post Office!

Coopers Ville show

Nestled within the red, white and jack pines, lies an uncharted western town located on a handful of acres, approximately 13 miles northwest of Luzerne or 19 miles southwest of Lewiston.
Coopers Ville broke ground in the Spring of 2013, by property owner, Spike Cooper; also known as the “Ville’s Mayor”. Cooper explains that with all of today’s chaos and depressed times…people need an escape to have a little fun and forget about life; even if it is just for an hour or two, or an entire day! His creation was inspired to remind people that it is healthy to get away from our day-to-day routines, step out into nature and let your imagination take reign when visiting this unique, yet personalized town reflecting the 1800’s. Cooper said, “My only motive behind creating this place, is simply for everyone to ‘Just Have Fun’ out here…Period. There is no charge to come out and visit because it’s not about the money…it’s just about the FUN!”

Some of the unique structures that make up Coopers Ville include a variety of shops, trades, and necessities, with various more in the planning! Many are in honor of special friends and neighbors from the area and include; L&J Boot Shop, Deb’s Bakery, Warren’s Sawmill, D&M Trading Post, LeRoys’ Livery, Ashley’s Blacksmithing, Kathy’s Kafe, Boot Hill Cemetery, and of course the standard Post Office, Jail House w/ Gallows, moated Courthouse, non-denominational Church, a Kiddy Corral with swing sets, and a good-time Saloon~complete with “the Duke” as honorary guest. Future construction will continue in the spring, consisting of a Schoolhouse, Wells Fargo office, a Stage Coach, Print Shop and.…??? Although not all of the shops are actually functional; they do ignite your imagination and allow you to step back into time and enjoy as you wish.


Coopers Ville has been constructed out of recycled and donated materials from friends and neighbors, in addition to the volunteer labor required in the construction of it! Souvenirs, Sweatshirts and T-Shirts will be available for sale, and any donations insisted upon, will merely be donated 100% back to local charities.

Directions to Coopers Ville are as follows:

From Luzerne: take Cty. Rd. 489 north, 7 miles to Cty. Rd. 608 intersection and turn left (west).
From Lewiston: take Cty. Rd. 489 south, 13 miles to Cty. Rd. 608 intersection, and turn right (west).
From the intersection: Travel approx. 4 miles to Firetower Road and turn right (north), then 2 miles on the left will lead you to Up North’s

Hidden Treasure:

Coopers Ville, USA. 1860 Firetower Rd., Lewiston, MI 49756.

Come visit, be sure to sign the guest book, take in a relaxed breath, and just…