Grandview School

Grandview School

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The Grandview School originally located on the corner of Oaks and Rogers Roads was in use from 1907 to 1926. In 1927 the building was moved to Fairview where it was used for 3rd and 4th grade classes, then in 1935 was converted to shop class until March of 1953. In 1991 it was moved to the Oscoda County Fairgrounds. The building sat unused until 2009. At that time the Au Sable Valley Engine and Tractor Club resumed the restoration project. The school is now about 95% complete.

We are always in need of school items appropriate of the early 1900’s for display. Stories are welcome, if you have a story about the school please give us a copy for others to read.
During the 2012 Au Sable Valley Engine and Tractor Show a reopening of this school was held. Several students were in attendance including Boyd Rogers. He is the only one left that attended this school before 1926. There were two others Delbert Zook and Al Handrich that attended 3rd and 4th grade. There were four others that used his building for shop.

The school will be open during most fairgrounds activities and available upon request at other times. We hope the present school systems will use this school for day use on field trips to show students what early 1900’s schools were like in Oscoda County.

The school will have on display many items and information about local history. Please come in for a visit.