KSJ Marketing Communications

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KSJ Marketing Communications is a company that can help you stand out from your competition. Our services include website development, graphic design, social media training, and email marketing. As a 2017 certified Constant Contact Solution provider we can reach your market through their inbox (call us for more information about your Constant Contact chamber benefit). We offer managed marketing services so all of your marketing needs can be maintained by one source. These services include: website maintenance, creation of marketing materials, social media management, printing, and many other day to day marketing tasks. Calls us to how we can offer:

Marketing advantages for the small business

3404 Bert St.
South Branch, MIĀ 48761

Toll Free: (844) 575-6584 (844-KSJ-MKTG)
Cell: (586) 805-5996

Website: www.ksjmarketing.com